CEYES is one of the world’s leading consultancy firms for research, products, design and management of tire and artificial turf recycling facilities through re-cycled and up-cycled rubber.

CEYES’s MISSION is to revolutionize tire recycling in the Circular Economy, through the innovative MTB’s GATOR, TIRE, IRON and CEYES RoofCat Box.
Making rubber Circular for at least 100 years.

We offer specialized independent advice, knowledge and effective solutions for the production of re-cycled and up-cycled rubber for, inter alia, decision makers, starting entrepreneurs and companies.

This is a whole new approach, small-scale industries in the Circular Economy. These boxes are circular, compact, mobile, efficient, effective, economical, 100% recyclable and create less CO2 emissions compared to a factory building.

They are ideal in C40 megacities and especially attractive in a radius of 150 km from the city.
In this day and age, it is no longer justified to cover large distances, together with its forthcoming high CO2 emissions.